The Superior Experience

... connecting our town

Art is more than just self-expression and self communication; it allows us to escape and leave behind the stress of the our overly busy lives. … Art plays a role in our community because it helps define us and makes us better.

CAPS is working hard to define the Superior Experience. We want every developer, every business owner and home builder to think about ways to incorporate art and creativity into their proposals and plans.

Top reasons art & place making is important to a community:

  1. Research has shown that cities & towns that emphasize art have more civic and social engagement
  2. Arts organizations stimulate business and economic growth in a community
  3. Inspiring and encouraging children to embrace their individual creativity gives them resources to succeed in life
  4. Art serves to enrich the physical, social and cultural elements of a community
  5. Art has the capability to create a sense of pride
  6. Art entertains and brings joy to a community